Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Blogging 101

Welcome to your Blog, Room 16 !

Our class blog is where we can share examples of our learning and showcase things we have worked hard on; it is a place of positivity and celebration of all things awesome about Room 16 !!

When we post a comment, it is instantly visible to everyone around the world, so here are a few questions to consider before pressing ‘post’:
  • Is my comment going to be positive toward the post I am commenting on?
  • Have I read (or seen/watched) all the way through the post and really thought about what I want to say?
  • Does my comment actually relate to the post I am commenting on? (For instance, if it were a post about ANZAC Day, would it be appropriate to comment something like “I had the best training at rugby today” or, “[your name here] rules! #lol” ?
  • Is my comment written in a complete sentence? (For example: If commenting on an activity about making good choices, saying “i liked this it was fun” could be better phrased as “I liked doing this activity because it helped me to learn more about making good choices”)
  • Does my comment make sense? Re-reading before posting is always a handy tip.
If you have answered ‘no’ to any of the following - don’t press ‘post’ just yet. Review what you are saying and make sure that it is appropriate to send.

Being safe is also very important. As we are discovering in Transdisciplinary Skills, we must promote and practise correct behaviour as well as being aware of our safety online. Keep your personal info (phone numbers, emails, personal lives, etc.) off this blog (as it is very public) and remember to always be positive!
Happy Blogging :)

Note to our visitors: We warmly welcome you all and would like to point out that we are still in the learning process of our blog careers, so remember to be nice and please respect our mahi (work) that we are bravely sharing with you all. Kia Ora!

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